About Us

Who are we?

Nutrisnacks was founded in 1992 to meet a latent need in the Costa Rican market: healthy food for people who take care of themselves. Through nutritional research, we innovate with food low in sugar, fat and sodium and high in fiber.

Why us?

Every time you enjoy a product of Nutrisnacks, remember that all ingredients were chosen both because they are delicious and an excellent complement to your healthy lifestyle.

Our recipes, designed by nutritionists, have years of testing and nutrition research; therefore, snacks are constantly evolving and improving, always in search of the tastiest, most nutritious and balanced formulation.

We do not fry, we bake. We prefer whole grains rather than refined to provide the body with quality fiber. We do not use additives or artificial coloring, we use natural ingredients. We control the amounts of salt and sugar in our products. We also pack our snacks following the recommended serving size of nutritionists, to avoid overeating.



We currently market our products in: Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, United States, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Honduras and Dominican Republic.

Contact Us


Tel: (506) 2272-2706
Address: Costa Rica, San Jose. 50 North and 25 East from the Banco Nacional of Curridabat.


Position: Export Manager